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These are comfortable, capable, entertaining motorcycles for long-distance travel, even if they do not boast the latest in two-wheel technology. The ride is pleasant, the ergonomics are accommodating and the V-Four engine provides smooth, steady power and one of the more soulful exhaust notes in all of motorcycling. Call Hudson Motorcycles today 519-682-2430.
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Wow, what a beautiful motorcycle... It feels great and is very comfortable and has such great balance too. The Honda Shadow 750 is a beautiful cruiser. The light weight & perfect balance allow for slow speed maneuvering, especially in tight spots. This bike is nothing but fun. Accessories include Mustang seat, windshield and crashbar. Call Hudson Motorcycles today 519-682-2430.
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Vulcan® 900 Classic LT cruiser, Kawasaki started with a class-leading Vulcan 900 Classic and boosted its class-leading attributes. Included in the style and touring enhancements were saddlebags, a special touring seat, passenger backrest and an adjustable windshield. Used unit is low kms. Call Hudson Motorcycles today 519-682-2430.
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 Kawasaki is no stranger to top-shelf touring bikes that can hit long-distance rides as easy as they cross the block. That’s why the Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS is such a stand-out bike for the Japanese motorcycle company. It’s the classic tourer that is capable of whisking you and a passenger away in total comfort and classic style. Unit has aftermarket seat. Call Hudson Motorcycles today 519-682-2430.
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Power in the Grizzly is very smooth and super strong. No matter if you want to creep around slow in the rocks or pin the throttle down a long dirt road, it can happen. Mid range power is equally as impressive. Used unit comes complete with Spare Studded tires and rims, Windshield, Winch. Unit is equipped with new MudZilla tires a must see. Call Hudson Motorcycles today.
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Used with only 69kms the Kawasaki Z125. Kawasaki’s goal was to build a bike that was at home in urban settings, gets great fuel mileage, is inexpensive to own and operate, but most importantly is fun to ride for beginners and experienced riders alike. Call Hudson Motorcycles today 519-682-2430


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