If you do not have what I am looking for, can you find it for me?

Absolutely! We work closely with our suppliers, and if we do not have the item that you are looking for in our store we are able to order it and have it delivered to our location.

I have purchased from your store, and now my item needs servicing. Can you help?

Yes! We offer all motorcycle repair and maintenance on all makes and models, including Motorcycles, side by sides, atv and dirt bikes.

How long does it take for parts to arrive once ordered?

Typically 3 days. We don’t charge for shipping and returns are easy!

When should you get an oil change?

At the end of the season so it has fresh fluids in it for the winter.

Why does my battery go low?

Lack of use or not maintained with a battery tender/charger.

Do I need a drivers licence to ride my 4 wheeler on the roads?

In Chatham-Kent  you are able to ride on the roads with a valid drivers licence, insurance and plates. For more information the Chatham-Kent ATV Road Bylaw Information Page or the Chatham-Kent Off-Road Vehicle By-Law Page.